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For the proud owner of high-quality vehicles, caravans, and boats, who values protection, beauty, and easy maintenance, CCM's sealing technologies offer the perfect solution. From paint sealants that guarantee up to 72 months of durability, to glass sealants for clear visibility, and textile sealants for fabric seats that protect against stains and wear – CCM has everything to keep your vehicle in prime condition. These products not only provide long-lasting protection but also an impressive appearance that makes an impact on every occasion.

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7650 Permanent Pro Easy On: Quartz Ceramic Coating

The first ceramic coating for for non-professionals with outstanding performance

This highly advanced coating has been specially developed for the demanding requirements of the auto, aviation, marine, military and transport sectors. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and temperatures, and can be applied to metal, plastic, powder-coated, and painted surfaces.

Windscreen Coatings

CCM offers a TÜV-approved windscreen coating with excellent attributes: longevity, more security due to reduced glare and light distortion, easy-clean performance, easy application, resistant to high-pressure cleaners and soft wash systems.

8654 Quick Gloss Coating for Car Paintings

Super fast - Super simple - Water-based - 8654 Quick Gloss is a highly innovative care product that has been developed for the enhancement of smooth surfaces such as auto / marine paintwork and plastics. It is very easy to apply and highly effective.

7656 Plastic-Metal Premium Coating

SiO² coating for plastic, painted surfaces, stainless steel and metal - 7656 Q² Quantum Quartz Plastic-Metal Premium is a highly durable DIY liquid glass coating. It requires greater care when preparing for application. The coating is applied in seconds.

643 Metal Dura Easy On

643 Dura Easy On is the latest generation of ceramic coatings - This coating provides high water and dirt repellency, combined with high resistance to mechanical wear on synthetic and metallic surfaces.

7660 “Polish” Plastics & Metal 2-in-1

Emulsion for surface modification of non-absorbent substrates (plastic, metal, paint) - Unlike our standard Liquid Glass metal and plastic sealer, this SiO² based polish is an emulsion. It is very easy to use and optimal for use in high contamination and abrasion.

Car Painting Products

Attribute 7660
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Application Very easy, simply wipe on and buff off Very easy, simply wipe on and buff off lightly DIY - clean, apply with case and buff after curing For skilled application For DIY and professional application
Application termperatur -25°C to 80°C 0°C to 45°C 5°C to 30°C -5°C to 40°C +5°C to 35°C
Durability Up to 3 months Up to 6 months Approx. 12-24 months Up to 36 months Up to 72 months
Curing time 12 hours at 20°C (car usable after one hour) 5 minutes (car immediatebly usable) 12 hours at 20°C (car usable after one hour) 24 hours for water resistance, 6-7 days for abrasion resistance (car usable after 5 hours) 7 days at room temperature (car usable after 5 hours)
Perl effect Medium High High High High
Gloss effect High High High High High
Scratch resistance + + + +++ ++++
ml per mid-range car Approx. 100 ml Approx. 100 ml Approx. 50 ml Approx. 50 ml Approx. 50 ml
Consistence Emulsion, solvent-based (no waces or silicones) Liquid, water-based Liquid, alcohol-based Liquid, multi solvent-based Liquid, multi solvent-based
Resistant to frost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


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