Nano-Scale Liquid Glass Coatings

Coatings for Camper Vans & Boats

CCM produces a unique range of „Liquid Glass“ coatings for almost all interior and exterior surfaces. These coatings are designed for application to Camper Vans and Boats. Various levels of quality are offered, ranging from high performance easy-to-apply, „wipe-and-go“ coatings (super simple and quick to apply) to extremely durable industrial coatings for professional use. Q² Quantum Quartz is not just a brand, but an accurate description of the composition of our technology. The coatings are predominantly based on SiO² (quartz) and are measured at the quantum level. The Q² Quantum Quartz protective coatings have a thickness ranging from 100nm+/- (approx. 500 x thinner than a human hair) up to, approx. 10µ/micrometer (our premium coating, 97640).

Product Overview

Overview from nano-scale to micron-scale

This coating is loved by boat detailers. It provides an amazingly “low friction” layer. It is very easy to apply, simply wipe on and buff (e.g., by using a polishing machine). It can be used for internal and external surfaces and it provides a super smooth, easy to clean, hydrophobic surface. It is not designed to be a highly durable coating but it will still last for at least 6 months on the exterior surface of a motor home.

This coating is an exceptionally easy to apply yet durable and long lasting coating. It is designed to provide a quick and easy hydrophobic coating. Simply spray the coating on to the target surface, usually external paintwork, plastic seating, (boats) stainless steel fittings etc. After spraying on the water-based liquid, simply wipe the surface and lightly buff if required. It takes seconds to apply and will last up to 6 months. Very easy to re-apply.

This is a highly durable DIY liquid glass coating. It requires greater care when preparing for application. To gain maximum performance from this coating, it is important that all target surfaces must be perfectly clean and dry. The coating is applied in seconds. Simply wipe this liquid glass on to the surface and then buff some minutes later. It will withstand many tens of thousands of wiping actions. It is suitable for stainless steel, plastic and painted surfaces, e.g., headlights, body work, instrument panels, bridge windows, air-craft windows, motorcycle visors, cockpit areas, oven tops. It is heat resistant to 250°C.

This coating is like a “supercharged 97656”. It is applied in the same way, by wiping, but it is a significantly more durable coating as at 900+/- nano meters it is approximately 9 times thicker than 97656. It can be applied to metal, plastic, glass and painted surfaces. It provides a super durable, non-staining hydrophobic coating which will last for several years on the bodywork of a car, boat hull or aircraft. The coating, which provides a super glossy surface is also highly resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis. It is also massively heat tolerant. This coating can be used on almost all non-porous surfaces and it is fast and easy to apply.

This coating is a military grade coating. It is massively durable but with great durability comes great responsibility. This is a „professional“ coating. It has enormous bonding energy and has to be applied correctly. It can be applied by spraying or wiping depending on the need of the customer. When applied the coating provides an ultra-durable, glossy, stain resistant, graffiti resistant, heat tolerant, anti-corrosive, UV stable, hydrophobic coating. The coating will last for many years.

Comparison of Coatings

Property 97660 98654 97656 90643 97640
Application Very easy, simply wipe on and buff off Very easy, simply wipe on and buff lightly DIY - clean, apply with care and buff after curing For skilled application For professional application
Application Temperature -25°C to 80°C, suitable for application in direct sunlight 0°C to 45°C 5°C to 30°C -5°C to 40°C +5°C to 35°C
Durability 3 to 6 months 6 to 12 months 12 to 24 months Up to 36 months Up to 72 months
Curing Time 12 h at 20°C (usable after one hour) 5 min (immediately usable) 12 h at 20°C (usable after one hour) 24 hours for water resistance, 6-7 days for abrasion resistance (car usable after 5 hours) 7 days at room temperature (car usable after 5 hours)
Perl Effect Medium High High High High
Gloss Effect High High High High High
Scratch Resistance + + + +++ ++++
Per Mid-range Car Approx. 100 ml Approx. 100 ml Approx. 50 ml Approx. 50 ml Approx. 50 ml
Consistence Emulsion, solvent-free (no waxes or silicones) Liquid, water-based Liquid, alcohol-based Liquid, solvent-based Liquid, solvent-based
Resistance to Frost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV-Resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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