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These are highly advanced SiO² coatings which were created to address the needs of the marine, military and aerospace sectors. They are massively resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature. They can be applied to metal, plastic, powder coated and painted substrates. The coatings can be heat cured, or cured at ambient temperature. They react with the substrates surface and forms an abrasion resistant coating with very high bonding properties on metal. It generates thin, transparent coatings with high impact strength and is resistant to alkali, abrasion and corrosion.

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Properties 640 Permanent Protect
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7641 Hybrid Coating
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643 Metal Dura Easy On
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Type of Polysilazan Organic Hybrid In+organic
After bonding arises… SiO² with organic rests SiO² with organic rests Pure SiO²
Temperature resistance Appr. 800°C -40° - 350°C >1.000°C
Chemical binding with the surface? Yes Yes Yes
Vitreous layer? Yes Yes Yes
Hydrophobic surface? Strong Medium Weak
Application on… Metals, alloys, plastics, paints, glass and stone (e.g. marble and granite) Metals, alloys, plastics Metal, plastics, paintings, glass, stone
Application Spray, dip or polishing Wiping, rolling or spraying Spray or dip
Resistent against… Variety of mild to medium strong acids / alkalis Mild to medium strong Mild to strong acids/alkalis
Scratch and impact resistance High Medium scratch, high impact resistance (very flexible) Extreme
Corrosion and oxidation protection Permanent Up to 15 years Permanent
Salt resistance According to DIN 50021    
Food safe +    
Weathering test mild steel, brass, copper, bronze (ISO 2810, 700h) +    
CASS-Test aluminium (DIN 50021, 240h) +    
Corrosion test hot dip galvanized steel (DIN 6270, 768h) +