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Long-term Surface Disinfection for up to 10 Days

Cleaning. Disinfection. Coating. 3 in 1.

Humans have been creating disinfectants for millennia and of course some are more effective than others; for example we moved from vinegar to bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) both of which have served mankind very well.

Over recent years we have been using alcohol, iodine and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect surfaces but the problem with these disinfectants is that they are good at disinfecting, at the point when they are wiped over a surface, but they offer no residual benefits.

For example, imagine the process of disinfecting a hospital room. A person starts cleaning the surfaces on the left hand side of the room, by the time that they have reached the right hand side of the room the freshly cleaned surfaces may have been re-colonised by pathogens. This is clearly a completely unsatisfactory process.

The healthcare sector needed to find a solution to this problem and the solution lay in creating a disinfectant which combined sterilisation with long term residual protection.
The solution became Bacoban® - made in Germany.

Bacoban® remains on coated surfaces significantly longer than 10 days, in fact it will remain on surfaces for years, but we stress that on-going sanitation is essential in order to maintain appropriate levels of hygiene.

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