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Properties 695
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Application Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Brush, roller, convention or airless spray
Application Temperature <5°C - 50°C <15°C - 25°C <5°C - 30°C <5°C - 30°C <5°C - 40°C <-10°C - 70°C <-5°C - +60°C
m² per liter 5 - 40 50 - 80 10 - 20 10 - 20 20 - 100 8 - 50 8 - 10
Durability Up to 2 years Up to 10 years Up to three years Up to 10 years 5 years + 10 - 20 years Up to 20 years
Curing Time 12 hours 7 days at room temperature 12 hours 12 hours 24 hours 3-6 hours at 20°C Touch dry 3-4 hours, full cure 24 hours
… based Water Solvent Water Water Solvent Solvent Solvent
Available as concentrate Yes, 1:9-1:14 (art. no. 697) No No No Dilutable up to 1:1 with Ethanol or 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol No No
Breathable Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Visible No on most surfaces Yes, glossy No on most surfaces No on most surfaces Yes, glossy Might be slightly darker Yes, clearly (glossy)
Topographical / penetrative Topographical Topographical Topographical Topographical Topographical Penetrative, extreme abrasion-resistant Topographical, very strong bonding
Oil resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frost resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available in RAL colors No No No No Yes, from 1.000 liter No Yes, from 100 liter
Dangerous goods No No No No Yes No No
Application recommendation Concrete, plaster, natural stone (granite, slate, basalt, sandstone, Concrete, plaster, natural stone (granite, slate, basalt, sandstone, Wet room walls, concrete seating in public areas, stone foyer areas For monuments, Statues, high value stone art works, paving-stone systems and terrace tiles Concrete, plaster, natural stone (granite, slate, basalt, sandstone, limestone), roof tiles, clinker Concrete, tiles (unglazed), roofing tiles, brick/masonry, limestone, sandstone, mineral plaster, natural stone, façade, slate Graffiti Protection for up to 50 times, for commercial locations, for aluminium siding, (fibre) glass, masonry, metal, street signs, stucco, utility boxes, vinyl siding, wood

Joint Coating Kit


  • 100 ml Biosativa® Bio Cleaner Concentrate, 1:10
  • 5 dry wipes for pre-cleaning
  • 250 ml Joint Liquid Glass Coatings (enough for approx. 20m²)
  • 2 micro-fibre wipes 10 x 10 cm for application
  • 1 application sponge
  • 4 protection gloves
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P-OFF Urine Repellent Coating

Special nano scale coating which is highly suited to protecting stone work from urine. Prevent of urine penetrating and damaging the stone work. Makes cleaning a great deal easier and it also prevents lingering odour created by urine being absorbed into the stone work.

More information on request.

Marble Coatings

Marble (and similar calcite-based stone) is highly reactive to acids in both liquid and gaseous form. 7641 Hybrid Coating is a two-component high-performance coating technology that makes coated marble so resistant that, for example, lemon juice and wine will not penetrate and/or damage the surface for 12 hours.


  • Excellent shine and durability
  • Lasting "easy-to-clean" effect
  • Old and faded paints are refreshed and given a new shine
  • Anti-graffiti properties
  • Anti-fingerprint on precious metals
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • UV radiation protection prevents fading
  • Extremely mechanically resistant
  • Resistant to acidic and alkaline attacks and organic solvents
  • High coverage due to very low film thickness (approx. 5-20 μm)

Test Certificates

  • AS/NZS 4020:2005 for use in contact with drinking water
  • For use in contact with food

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Concrete Coatings

Our concrete additives are extremely well suited as hydrophobic concrete-additive for the manufacturing of paving stones, concrete slabs and prefabricated concrete elements. They improve concretes compaction, regulates the capillary properties of the concrete and reaches a durable reduction of water absorption. The final product is protected against rising moisture. They protect the concrete against limeefflorescences and against the growth of micro-organisms in the product (moss, algae, fungus) The final concrete-product remains vapour-diffusive. They minimises sticking to the stamp and sticking to the concrete-mixer by using a highly-effective non-stick additive.

Product Comparison for Concrete Coatings

Property 627-10 8628
Basis Siloxan Silan
Hydrophobicity effect Yes* very strong
Protection against lime efflorescence Yes No
Prevents concrete-sticking in concrete mixer Yes No
Prevents concrete-sticking of press-plunger Yes No
Capillary regulating characteristic Yes Yes
Vapour diffusive Yes Yes
Plasticising properties (reduces brittleness, less cracking) Yes No
Highly stressable stabilization Yes No
Extremely weather-resistant Yes Yes
Frost and de-icer resistant Yes Yes
Alcali resistant Yes Yes
Oleophobic Yes Yes
Breathable Yes Yes

* 627 is ideal for „flow“ concrete. It offers some degree of hydrophobicity but attain a strongly hydrophobic concrete one should use 8628.

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