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Stone Coatings

P-OFF Urine Repellent Coating

Special nano scale coating which is highly suited to protecting stone work from urine. Prevent of urine penetrating and damaging the stone work. Makes cleaning a great deal easier and it also prevents lingering odour created by urine being absorbed into the stone work.

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Marble Coatings

Marble (and similar calcite-based stone) is highly reactive to acids in both liquid and gaseous form. 7641 Hybrid Coating is a two-component high-performance coating technology that makes coated marble so resistant that e.g. lemon juice and wine will not soak into and/or damage the surface for 12 hours.


  • Excellent gloss and durability
  • Permanent "easy-to-clean" effect
  • Old and faded colors are refreshed and get new shine
  • Anti-graffiti properties
  • Anti-fingerprint on precious metals
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • UV radiation protection prevents fading
  • Mechanically extremely resistant resistant to acidic and alkaline attacks as well as organic solvents
  • High yield due to very low film thickness (approx. 5-20 μm)

Test Certificates

  • AS/NZS 4020:2005 for use in contact with drinking water
  • For use in contact with food

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Concrete Coatings

Our concrete additives are extremely well suited as hydrophobic concrete-additive for the manufacturing of paving stones, concrete slabs and prefabricated concrete elements. They improve concretes compaction, regulates the capillary properties of the concrete and reaches a durable reduction of water absorption. The final product is protected against rising moisture. They protect the concrete against limeefflorescences and against the growth of micro-organisms in the product (moss, algae, fungus) The final concrete-product remains vapour-diffusive. They minimises sticking to the stamp and sticking to the concrete-mixer by using a highly-effective non-stick additive.

Product Comparison for Concrete Coatings

Property 627-10 8628
Basis Siloxan Silan
Hydrophobicity effect yes* very strong
Protection against lime efflorescence yes no
Prevents concrete-sticking in concrete mixer yes no
Prevents concrete-sticking of press-plunger yes no
Capillary regulating characteristic yes yes
Vapour diffusive yes yes
Plasticising properties (reduces brittleness, less cracking) yes no
Highly stressable stabilization yes no
Extremely weather-resistant yes yes
Frost and de-icer resistant yes yes
Alcali resistant yes yes
Oleophobic yes yes
Breathable yes yes

* 627 is ideal for „flow“ concrete. It offers some degree of hydrophobicity but attain a strongly hydrophobic concrete one should use 8628.

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