Liquid Glass Coatings


We are often asked if our coatings are patented.

The simple answer  is: “No”.

And there is a very simple explanation as to why we do not “patent” our coatings….

Liquid Glass nano layering technology is still a relatively “young technology” and the speed of development is very rapid. We offer a  wide range of coatings and  we are constantly upgrading the portfolio (this process of upgrading and improvement confirms the observation that development is rapid).

Patent application  takes a great deal of time, energy and money to complete and in many ways the application process is a gamble,  and we choose not to gamble. We prefer to offer the best technology at the lowest costs and we use this structure to retain our position as market leaders.

We would prefer to be at the fore front of innovation rather than being held in the past with an expensive and outdated technology.