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Mobile Phone Coatings

Mobile Phone Protection

CCM GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of “Liquid Glass” coatings for mobile phones. CCM supplies wipes and kits for private label customers in more than 60 countries.

The application of a protective layer of liquid glass to a phone is very simple and the advantages are:

  • the mobile phone becomes very easy to clean (e.g. finger prints can be removed with a dry wipe or micro-fibre)
  • the mobile phone screen becomes significantly more scratch resistant.
  • the mobile phone becomes “biostatic”; bacteria find the surface to be inhospitable and so bacteria development is impaired
  • you no longer need to use a clumsy and costly protection film
  • no bubbles
  • the application is super easy and quick
  • suitable for all mobile phones include “Edge” models

Our Mobile Devices Coating has passed these TÜV tests:

  • MSZ ISO 18593:2008: Microbiological Test
  • MSZ 9640/41:1983 Scratch hardness test with spring ball rod
  • MSZ EN ISO 15184:2013Pencil Hardness Test
  • Sessile drop method Water-Repellent, surface tension, contact angles
  • DIN 51 155 Impact Test
  • ICP-MS MSZ EN ISO 17294-2:2005 Metal content of the wipes
  • ICP-MS + XRF RoHs screening test
Product Performance Guarantee

Liquid Glass now offers coatings with a one-year Product Performance Guarantee warranty program under our Brand „CCM“ (available from January 2020) and for private label customers. This highly sophisticated package is powered by AIG one of the worlds leading insurance companies.

Coated phone

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Mobile Phone Sanitizer

Mobile Phone Sanitizer

With the continued application of the coating a super thin layer of anti-pathogen liquid glass technology is deposited on the surface. After drying, this active layer will continue to kill the pathogens which are deposited on the surfaces; in addition the surface becomes easy-to-clean. This easy-to-clean characteristic increases after several days and also over the following months as each application will create a slightly thicker deposit of active liquid glass.

  • Unique Long Term Phone Sanitizer
  • Neutralizes pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi)
  • Quick and easy-to-apply
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Provides a super smooth surface
  • Medical Grade technology, use in hospitals throughout the world
  • Prevents re-contamination
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Car Coatings

Car Painting

Attribute 7660 7654 7656 643 640
Application very easy, simply wipe on and buff off very easy, simply wipe on and buff off lightly DIY-clean, apply with case and buff after curing for skilled application for professional application
Application termperatur -25°C to 80°C 0°C to 45°C -25°C to 80°C -5°C to 40°C +5°C to 35°C
Durability up to 3 months up to 3 months approx. 1 year up to 36 months up to 72 months
Curing time 12 hours at 20°C (car usable after one hour) 5 min (car immediatebly usable) 12 hours at 20°C (car usable after one hour) 24 hours for water resistance, 6-7 days for abrasion resistance (car usable after 5 hours) 7 days at room temperature (car usable after 5 hours)
Perl effect medium high high high high
Gloss effect high high high high high
Scratch resistance + + + + + + + + + +
ml per mid-range car approx. 100 ml approx. 100 ml approx. 50 ml approx. 50 ml approx. 50 ml
Consistence Emulsion, solvent-based (no waces or silicones) Liquid, water-based Liquid, alcohol-based Liquid, multi solvent-based Liquid, multi solvent-based
Resistant to frost yes yes yes yes yes
UV resistant yes yes yes yes yes

Product Overview

CCM Product Overview Liquid Glass Car Coatings
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Car Glass / Mirros

Stone Coatings
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P-OFF Urine Repellent Coating

Bruxelles_Manneken_PisSpecial nano scale coating which is highly suited to protecting stone work from urine. Prevent of urine penetrating and damaging the stone work. Makes cleaning a great deal easier and it also prevents lingering odour created by urine being absorbed into the stone work.

More information on request.

Concrete Coatings

Concrete-AdditiveOur concrete additives are extremely well suited as hydrophobic concrete-additive for the manufacturing of paving stones, concrete slabs and prefabricated concrete elements. They improve concretes compaction, regulates the capillary properties of the concrete and reaches a durable reduction of water absorption. The final product is protected against rising moisture. They protect the concrete against limeefflorescences and against the growth of micro-organisms in the product (moss, algae, fungus) The final concrete-product remains vapour-diffusive. They minimises sticking to the stamp and sticking to the concrete-mixer by using a highly-effective non-stick additive.

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Property 627-10 628-20
Basis Siloxan Silan
Hydrophobicity effect yes* very strong
Protection against lime efflorescence yes no
Prevents concrete-sticking in concrete mixer yes no
Prevents concrete-sticking of press-plunger yes no
Capillary regulating characteristic yes yes
Vapour diffusive yes yes
Plasticising properties (reduces brittleness, less cracking) yes no
Highly stressable stabilization yes no
Extremely weather-resistant yes yes
Frost and de-icer resistant yes yes
Alcali resistant yes yes
Oleophobic yes yes
Breathable yes yes

* 627 is ideal for „flow“ concrete. It offers some degree of hydrophobicity but attain a strongly hydrophobic concrete one should use 628.

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Textile Coating

For achieving excellent water, oil and dirt repellent properties when applied at the highest level of concentration:

  • High Hydrophobicity + Oleophobicity
  • Strong anti-adhesive properties
  • Excellent easy-to-clean effect with regard to dirt and liquids
  • Fibres are protected against the ingress of dirt particles
  • Food-safety
  • Permanent (UV-stable, very resistant against abrasion)
  • Temperature-resistant
  • The easy application
  • For 40-50 hand washing cycles
  • Breathable
  • No impairment of the appearance or texture of the substrate (thickness: 100-150 nm)
  • Free of silicones, FCKW hydrofluorocarbons, teflon, solvents & propellant
  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Breathable
  • Water-based
  • Clothing
  • Home textiles (upholstery, furniture, carpets)
  • Suede / leather
  • Paper, cardboard
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Contact angle
Kontaktwinkel 7656
Coating is breathable
Coating is breathable

Hot Stuff™ Textile Coating 8685

without (left) | with (right)
Hot Stuff REM

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Leather Coatings
  • Suitable for application to a wide range of natural leathers
  • Anti-oil and fats
  • Anti-pollution
  • Hydrophobic
  • Ecological: VOC free
  • Virtually imperceptible change of the original texture of the materials.

625 penetrative coating for leather provides protection against water ingress and staining on natural leather. The coating is designed to provide protection against staining from oil and water based staining agents but it should be noted that these agents should be wiped off the coated leather within 2-5 minutes.

It should be noted that all natural leathers are inherently dissimilar, some are very compact with a high oil content, others possess a very open pore structure with a low oil content and so the performance of the coating varies in respect to these inherent characteristics.

In addition some leathers may be protected with polymeric coatings and these may impede the coating from penetrating into the leather.

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Universal Coatings

Universal coatings are coatings which offer the same “very good” performance characteristics on every substrate. But for the highest level of performance we suggest the use of our „substrate specific“ coatings.

The universal coatings are perfect for consumers, easy to apply and very effective.

For further clarification, we divide our universal coatings into two categories.

We offer coatings for „non-absorbent/hard surfaces“, such as metal and glass, and coatings for “absorbent/soft” surfaces, such as stone, wood and fabrics.

For Non-absorbent / “Hard” Surfaces

Application 673 silane-based 7675 SiO²-based
Glass / Ceramics ++ +++
Plastics +++ ++
Metal ++ ++
Stainless Steel ++ +++
Painted surfaces / car paintings +++ (you can layer) + (you cannot layer)
  • Alcohol-based
  • Very easy to apply
  • Slight odour
  • For 200-250m²
  • Touch dry 2-3 mins
  • Surface usable after 24 hours*
  • Shelf life of the liquid: 12-18 months
  • Alcohol-based
  • Easy to apply
  • Nearly odour-free
  • For 200-250m²
  • Touch dry 2-3 mins
  • Surface usable after 10 hours*
  • Shelf life of the liquid: 12-18 months

* Surfaces should be allowed to dry for 10 hours before being heavily used but if necessary they can be used within some minutes.

For Absorbent / Soft Surfaces

Application 691 695
Stone ++ +++
Wood + +++
Textile +++ ++
  • Water-based
  • Very easy to apply
  • Room curing 12 hours
  • Fluorine C-6, PFOA free
  • Shelf life of the liquid: 12-18 months
  • For 5-40 m² (depending on structure of the substrate)
  • Water-based
  • Easy to apply
  • Room curing 12-24 hours
  • PFOA and PFC free
  • Shelf life of the liquid: 12-18 months
  • For 5-40 m² (depending on structure of the substrate)
  • Don’t use on white cheap textiles
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Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Protection 7626

A one pack single coat permanent non-sacrificial coating giving excellent protection against fly poster and graffiti attack. The product allows easy repeated removal of graffiti by using water/detergent.

7626 Graffiti Protection is ideally suited for locations which encounter regular graffiti events. It offers enormous flexibility in terms of application. It can be applied to almost all surfaces. The layer itself is also flexible and this characteristic is the reason why graffiti is unable to bond effectively, thus creating a world leading, vandal resistant finish.

7626 Graffiti Protection is idea, for the following applications: Aluminum Siding, Fibreglass, Glass*, Masonry (includes brick, marble, stone,tile, granite and concrete), Metal*, Street Signs, Stucco, Utility Boxes, Viny, Siding, Wood, Plastic*

*Bonding to polished and smooth surfaces is not as profound as bonding to roughened or porous surfaces.


  • Single component system – very strong bonding
  • Touch resilient finish
  • Rapid curing
  • Prolonged protection – zero ghosting
  • Clear and coloured
  • Long term protection
  • No „Dangerous Goods“ shipping fees
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Technical Summary

ColourClear and Pigmented Liquid
ApplicationApply by brush, roller, convention or airless spray.
It will not spray via conventional spray.
Volume Solids78% Matt; 78% Gloss; 48% pigmented
Recommended Film Thicknessdepending on substrate and porosity, normally between 50-80 DFT
Coverage RateTheoretical 8 to10 square metres / litre
Drying TimeTouch dry 3 / 4 hours; full cure 24 hours.
Recoating (if required) time 3 to 4 hours
Weight Per Litre0.90-1.02
Flash PointAbove 64°C
V.O.C.50 grams per litre
FinishGloss – Semi Matt
Application Temperature-5°C / +60°C, all surfaces must be clean and dry, remove any soiling by power
Surface Preparationwash etc. Any soiling/graffiti apparent on painted surfaces i.e. masonry /rendered walls should be re-painted with good quality masonry exterior paint, prior to application. Non-Darkening Primer should be considered for application prior to top coat on all sandstone/brick surfaces.
Bundle5 liter canister
Art. No.7626
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All of our products are available in private label formats. We offer complete bespoke packages for our clients. We can also provide conceptual design, art work, printing and marketing guidance. Additionally our experts have a full overview of the market situation worldwide and can help you develop the right product package for your market.

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