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Private Label with CCM - Your Specialist for Private Label

The production of Private Label products (products with your trading name) represents approximately 90% of our business. As your experienced partner in this field we offer you a “one stop shop”, which addresses every aspect of your needs, including consultation about innovation and associated product development. During this process you can access full support, e.g. label development from our graphics department and monitoring of your artworks after legal provisions.

We can also assist with marketing, supply of MSDS (material safety data sheets) REACh confirmations, sales team training and sales export of your products. Furthermore, we offer consulting services by our managing directors and industry experts Heiner Perk and Bernd Zimmermann.

  • All products are made in our factories in Germany.
  • All R&D is conducted in our labs in Germany.
  • Available products: Standard sachets, double-sachets, contour sachets


Full Service

We offer complete bespoke packages for our clients. We can provide conceptual design, art work, printing and marketing guidance. Additionally, our experts have a complete overview of the global market, so we can help to develop the right product for your specific market.


  • Attractive pricing for bespoke solutions
  • Workable MOQs
  • Products made in Germany
  • Artwork creation (upon request)


Liquid Glass Coating Wipes for

  • Mobile phone / tablet etc.
  • Car windscreen
  • (Car) rims
  • Glass / ceramics
  • Stainless steel
  • Refrigerator

Private Label Production

Produced on your wishes, e.g.

  • Mobile phone cleaning
  • Computer/screen cleaning
  • Whiteboard cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Glass cleaning


Saturated Crêpe Paper

Saturated PaperSimple saturated crêpe paper. Commonly used for cleaning, jobs, including glasses, and as refresher tissues in small standard format.

  • Sachet size: 60 x 80 mm
  • Sachet material: Paper / alu / PE white or PET / alu / PE white or silver
  • Tissue sizes: Cleaning and refresher 140 x 200 mm, Glasses cleaner 140 x 145 mm
Non-woven Paper

Non-woven PaperSoft paper tissue for universal use in all large format tissues. Ideal for Aroma Tissues.

  • Sachet size: 60 x 80 mm or 70 x 140 mm
  • Sachet material: PET / alu / PE white or silver
  • Tissue sizes: 150 x 200 mm or 195 x 200 mm
Non-woven Viscose

Non-woven ViscoseFine viscose fleece tissue, exceptional kind to the skin, and so especially suitable for use as refresher and cosmetic tissues.

  • Sachet size: 70 x 140 mm
  • Sachet material: PET / alu / PE white or silver
  • Tissue sizes: 195 x 200 mm

CottonThe material for the highest demands - used for refresher and cosmetic tissues.

  • Sachet size: 70 x 140 mm
  • Sachet material: PET / alu / PE white or silver
  • Tissue sizes: 180 x 190 mm

Disinfection Wipes

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