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Compostable Food Packaging is the Future

When coated with our fully biodegradable coatings, compostable food containers can be used for everything from coffee cups and straws, to microwave meal packs.

Thankfully “the food sector” is moving away from using food and drink containers which are non-compostable. However the whole story still contains a worrying element as many of the latest generation of food containers which are made from compressed natural plant based fibre are coated with PFASs.

As noted in "…this study provides the first evidence that polymeric PFAS used in food packaging break down into smaller molecules that are still harmful and can leach into food and the environment."

Having long been aware of this hazard CCM has focused on supplying a coating which is completely free of PFAS.


Is the coating based on PLA (Poly Lactic Acid)?

Is the CCM food container coating technology derived from natural sources?

This is the titleCan the coating be applied to cardboard based trays and cups?

Is the coating food safe?

Does the coating prevent oily foods such as curries from leaching through the walls of the container?

Can the coatings be used for” microwave meals” containers?

Is the coating suitable for coating cups which contain hot drinks?

Is the coating easy to apply for large scale production?

Is the coating flexible?

Is the coating fully compostable?

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