Industrial & Pro Coatings

Liquid Glass Coatings for Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

CCM GmbH, headquartered in Overath near Cologne, Germany is one of the world’s leading developers of liquid glass coatings and markets its products in over 80 countries. High-tech made in Germany.

For the hospitality sector we offer products for almost all areas, e.g. glass/ceramics, stainless steel, marble, stone, wood, fabrics, leather and much more.

Current Situation

  • A fast and efficient cleaning process is always a big challenge.
  • Estimated cleaning times allow little leeway for more complex cleaning.
  • Guests have high expectations regarding cleanliness.
  • First impressions significantly influences the perceptions of the client.

Advantages with CCM Solutions

  • Cleaning times can be significantly reduced
  • Service life of the coated surfaces is considerably increased
  • Use of cleaning chemicals is significantly reduced (= cost savings)
  • On many surfaces pure water is sufficient for cleaning or our Biosativa® bio-cleaner
  • Strong water repellency
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Resistance to acids, bases and solvents
  • Surfaces remain flexible and breathable (e.g. fabrics)
  • The sealing is heat- and cold-resistant (depending on the product up to -90°C and +600°C)
  • Very high durability of the sealant (up to 10 years depending on the product)

Support from our Service Partners

Our authorised service partners can protect almost all surfaces for you with liquid glass technology.


Products for Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

Multimedia Cleaner

Biosativa® Bio Cleaner

Made in Germany: Ecological cleaning concentrate, made from naturally renewable raw materials. Completely biodegradable, contains no bleach, preservatives or chemicals. Water-soluble with tremendous cleaning power. Neutral, so does not affect colours, plastics or other materials.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Coating

For deeply stained, stainless steel, brass copper and plastic surfaces. Produces a good optical, even high-gloss surface. For indoor and outdoor use on metallic, organic and inorganic surfaces. Applicable for lifts, doors, containers, stairs, handrails, railings, swimming pools, steel façades, furniture and more.

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Advanced Liquid Glass for Glass

Glass Coating

Ideal for foyers, windows and glass doors, shower cubicles, winter gardens, porch roofs, glass tables, photovoltaic systems and much more

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Ceramic Coating

Ideal for bathrooms (glazed surfaces such as washbasin, WC, shower, bathtub and toilet) or other glazed tiles

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Advanced Liquid Glass for Textiles

Fabric Coating

Ideal for chairs, sofas, mattresses, rugs, curtains and much more

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Advanced Liquid Glass for Leather

Leather Coating

Ideal for chairs, sofas and much more

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