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BLU1000 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Special Cleaner BLU1000

Product Characteristics

This product contain highly active cleaning agents and additives to thoroughly clean very contaminated, damaged, corroded or unsightly stainless steel surfaces. Cleaned surfaces often look as good as new, and sometimes better than new.


Interior and exterior surfaces of stainless steel, coatings (metallic, organic or inorganic) in industry, craft, food production and preparation, private and public sector (e.g. swimming baths, hospitals) and in the home.

Stainless Steel Special Cleaner BLU1000

It is used as a special cleaner in highly soiled, coated or corroded vessels within breweries. Ideal for stairways, handrails, railings, swimming baths, steel cladding, furniture etc.

BLU1000 can be used on other substrates but it is optimised for stainless steel. Use on other substrates is at the users discretion.


The product is applied with a special sponge and worked into the surface. The time required for application depends on the degree of contamination and surface condition. Ensure that stubborn stains are thoroughly treated with the special polishing pad or sponge. This will not affect the surface structure. After application remove any remaining residues by rinsing with water and then wiping dry.


1 litre for up to 20 m²

The indication of product suitability and associated notes are based on our experience, are not recommendations and are not legally binding. We reserve the right to amendments. Test product first for suitability.

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