Research & Development

Our own laboratory develops new products and controls the manufacturing process and product quality

New programs are developed taking into consideration new technologies and the demands of the market; as can be noted, we constantly focus on the creation of ecologically benign products and processes. Dermatologists from University hospitals carry out clinical testing of all cosmetic and personal hygiene products.

We operate in a flexible way and offers quality products at the most competitive prices. Our pro-active approach guarantees a swift response to the specific needs of our customers.

CCM uses electron microscopes to aid research

CCM has, for the first time, used Raster Electron Microscope (REM) imaging to confirm, beyond any doubt, that we provide products which clean surfaces to exceptionally high standards.

REMs are of course very expensive ( €1,000,000 +) and so in order to avoid burdening our clients with the cost of the research we have formed an alliance with a leading accredited institute which specialises in material testing.

CCM is involved in continuous R+D and we are proud of the new formulations which we have developed, such as those used for highly delicate TFT/LCD screens ( the stunning cleaning performance of our technology is shown via the REM images).

As you can see we are totally committed to developing and testing all products to the highest professional standards. We are proud to say that we are setting unprecedented standards within our industry.