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SoyEco is a completely natural and ecologically benign line of products based on vegetable ingredients, natural essential oils, coconut oils, natural surfactants, plant glycerine and organic softening agents, which maintain balance this exceptional technology.  It is important to note that this cleaning technology is, entirely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The products do not contain phosphates, parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances, microplastics, or products of animal origin.


  • Vegetable ingredients which are of course biodegradable
  • Natural essential oils which provide a refreshing scent
  • Compounds from coconut oils and sugar which compose the essential tenside/surfactant component of the soyeco cleaner. These organic tensides serve as foaming and cleaning ingredients
  • Vegetable glycerine works as a humectant (moisture absorbing), thus ensuring that wipes remain moist. In addition the glycerine acts as an emollient and so Soyeco is “soft on skin”
  • Organic chelating compounds (softeners) ensure that the liquid maintains a natural and long lasting balance. This is especially valuable in hard water areas
  • The use of Bioplastic ensures easy recycling of used bottles

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Refillable Tablet Cleaner for Household

Advantages of the Cleaner

Less Waste

One of the hallmarks of the product is less waste generation. The SoyEco Refillable Cleaner is intended to achieve less plastic and chemical waste. The ingredients are entirely biodegradable.


As a green product with no chemical additives, the SoyEco Refillable Cleaner is friendly to the environment. Each ingredient constituting the product is sourced locally with an assurance of quality.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

The production and use of the product generate less carbon footprints which help in maintaining the wellness of the environment.

Cheaper Transport and Storage

The product is properly packaged to allow cheaper transportation and easier storage. The product also allows easy handling.

High Value for Money

The SoyEco Refillable Cleaner is an effective cleaning solution; it delivers comprehensive cleaning solution in a smaller package that reduce stress and gives high value for money.

Safety of the User

The product ensures the health and wellbeing of the user and it is not animal tested. It doesn’t produce any chemical fumes which may harm the human body.

Refillable Bottles

Instead of throwing the bottle away after use, thereby contributing to the problem of waste generation, the spray bottle is designed for refills and continuous use. Reduce your contribution to landfill- stop throwing out refilled plastic bottles.

High Quality

A great deal of effort has been focused on ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. This focus on quality extends to every part of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process. The use of our technology ensures that every part of our environment is less polluted.

Wet Wipes & Sprays for Multimedia and Offices

Office Cleaning Solutions

With a refreshing mint scent, this completely organic cleaner makes fast work of cleaning office surfaces and equipment such as printers, computers, keyboards, phones, etc.

TV Cleaning Solutions

With mint essential oil, made out of organic ingredients, environmentally friendly

LCD Cleaning Solutions

With mint essential oil, made out of organic ingredients, environmentally friendly

Biosativa® Bio-Cleaner

Biosativa is a stunningly effective cleaning product. It is an absolutely non-polluting, water-soluble fluid which is straw green in colour.

It offers a range of valuable attributes. It is not harmful to surfaces , it is dermatologically harmless, 100% biodegradable and bio-compatible. Biosativa is available in PE containers or environmentally friendly 5 liter glass bottles.

Alternative Solution

Made of natural resources in Germany.

Cleaning Products for Offices and Computers

Special cleaning products for TFT/LCD and LED screens (eg. laptop and flat screen), PDA mobile phone, game console and other multimedia devices.

  • Non flammable liquid
  • Alcohol free
  • Biodegradable
  • Non smearing

Pressure-gas cleaner to clean inaccessible points of computer, multimedia and office devices (keyboard, printer, drive, (digital) camera, copier, fax, mobile phone, game console, TV and more). FCKW free.

  • Variable spray intensity
  • Versatile, for use everywhere
  • With spray tube
  • Flammable

For computer (TFT/LCD/LED screens, casings, keyboards, printer) and further Multimedia devices

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Manufacturer Statements

"We have cleaned a notebook, TFT and Smartphone using the AgfaPhoto cleaner. We were very satisfied, dust and fingerprints on surfaces as well as on displays disappeared and all devices are sparkling again."
"Using soft, lint-free wipes and the TFT/LCD screen cleaner enabled us to easily and effectively clean anti-reflective and smooth panel surfaces. Within no time dust impurities and finger prints could be removed without leaving residues or streaks. When applying the cleaning agent with the wipe provided there were no damages (scratches, changes to the surface or impairment to anti-reflection coating). We were able to effectively and quickly remove dust and impurities on the housing of LCD screens using the plastic cleaner without damaging the surface or plastics. Glue residues from labels could also be removed easily. Screen cleaner as well as plastic cleaner can be optimally used. No adverse dermatological reactions. Should there be any inquiries regarding cleaning agents, we will recommend the CCM cleaner in any case."
"TFT cleaner: Perfect cleanliness for extremely dirty displays. Absolutely recommendable! Plastic cleaner: Quick and thorough cleaning. Excellent results. We have comprehensively tested the cleaner and are of the opinion that it features excellent cleaning properties."
TFT/LCD screen cleaner: "We have cleaned some of our screens with Agfaphoto TFT/LCD screen cleaner. We were pleasantly surprised at the product, no disinfection odor, easy removal of finger prints without leaving streaks. Even the mobile display is streak-free without any finger prints."
"The cleaner is perfect. In our company we have to combat heavy dust from cardboard containers and through traffic every day. It is absolutely sufficient to spray the cleaner on a wipe and then polish with a dry wipe. A microfiber wipe is also ideal. Very pleasant scent. No adverse dermatological reactions. We process communications articles of any kind, which all feature plastic housings, keyboards and displays. It cleans thoroughly and is suisu_table for all areas without leaving streaks. We have used a microfibre wipe and achieved excellent results. Very pleasant scent that disappears after a while. No adverse dermatological reactions."

Private Label

All of our products are available in private label formats. We offer complete bespoke packages for our clients. We can also provide conceptual design, art work, printing and marketing guidance. Additionally our experts have a full overview of the market situation worldwide and can help you develop the right product package for your market.

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