Easy Clean Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Protection 7626

A one pack single coat permanent non-sacrificial coating giving excellent protection against fly poster and graffiti attack. The product allows easy repeated removal of graffiti by using water/detergent.

7626 Graffiti Protection is ideally suited for locations which encounter regular graffiti events. It offers enormous flexibility in terms of application. It can be applied to almost all surfaces. The layer itself is also flexible and this characteristic is the reason why graffiti is unable to bond effectively, thus creating a world leading, vandal resistant finish.

7626 Graffiti Protection is completely resistant to ALL paints, permanent markers and the majority of acids. Simply wash with water and graffiti disappears and posters just slide off, providing permanent protection against graffiti attack – without ghosting residue.

7626 Graffiti Protection is idea, for the following applications: Aluminum Siding, Fibreglass, Glass*, Masonry (includes brick, marble, stone,tile, granite and concrete), Metal*, Street Signs, Stucco, Utility Boxes, Viny, Siding, Wood, Plastic*

*Bonding to polished and smooth surfaces is not as profound as bonding to roughened or porous surfaces.


  • Single component system - very strong bonding
  • Touch resilient finish
  • Rapid curing
  • Prolonged protection – zero ghosting
  • Clear and coloured
  • Long term protection
  • No „Dangerous Goods“ shipping fees
  • Breathable

Technical Summary

Colour Clear and Pigmented Liquid
Application Apply by brush, roller, convention or airless spray.
It will not spray via conventional spray.
Volume Solids 78% Matt; 78% Gloss; 48% pigmented
Recommended Film Thickness depending on substrate and porosity, normally between 50-80 DFT
Coverage Rate Theoretical 8 to10 square metres / litre
Drying Time Touch dry 3 / 4 hours; full cure 24 hours.
Recoating (if required) time 3 to 4 hours
Thinners/Brushwash Disposal
Weight Per Litre 0.90-1.02
Flash Point Above 64°C
V.O.C. 50 grams per litre
Finish Gloss – Semi Matt
Gloss Reading 62-68 at 60 degree reflectance angle
Application Temperature -5°C / +60°C, all surfaces must be clean and dry, remove any soiling by power
Surface Preparation wash etc. Any soiling/graffiti apparent on painted surfaces i.e. masonry /rendered walls should be re-painted with good quality masonry exterior paint, prior to application. Non-Darkening Primer should be considered for application prior to top coat on all sandstone/brick surfaces.
Bundle 5 liter canister
Art. No. 7626