Nano-Scale Liquid Glass Coatings

Total Protection System for (Stadium) Seating

Our total protection system ensures that we have a coating for all seating types. This includes, fabric, synthetic leather, plastic, wood and even concrete seating.


  • Easy to apply
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • Resistant to chemical
  • Heat tolerant up to 1000°C (depending on the variant used)

Problems that are mitigated with sealing

  • Soiling by users
  • Soiling by bird droppings
  • Graffiti attacks (e.g. also with permanent markers)
  • Costly removal/installation for replacement


In all instances it is necessary to clean the seating prior to coating. We use our Biosativa® Bio Cleaner to clean all surfaces. This award winning Bio Cleaner, is based on plant extracts, yet it is more powerful and lower cost than most chemical cleaners. We recommend the use of Biosativa® for on-going seat cleaning and for cleaning in and around food halls.


Award-winning, eco-friendly bio cleaner

Coating & Protection

Our coatings are based on "liquid glass" (SiO2) technology. The coatings range in thickness from 100 nano meters (approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair) to a layer which is the thickness of a human hair. We are one of the world leaders in the development and supply of this exceptional technology.

  • All of the coatings are massively durable, and therefore protect the seating from staining and abrasion.
  • The thinner coatings are undetectable (commonly used on relatively new and undamaged seating).
  • The thicker coatings are used to refurbish dulled and UV damaged seating.
  • After coating, seating looks as good or better than new.
  • In all instances, the coatings can be applied with great ease, by wiping, roller or pump spray.

Addition we are offering our spray application system for the high gloss coatings.

Spray Gun

High quality finish with new design

Anti-Pathogen Protection

In all instances our we are able to protect seating and all areas of a stadium with a medical grade, long-lasting anti pathogen coating which is effective at neutralising Covid 19 and hundreds of other dangerous pathogens, within minutes. Our technology is used for sanitising, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and passenger aircraft.

Our anti pathogen protection technology can be used throughout the stadium.

This unique technology kills the pathogens when it is applied to a surface. After drying (1-2 minutes) an active layer forms, which continues to kill pathogens for prolonged periods. Testing confirms that the coating is highly active after one year but in areas of high usage and abrasion weekly application is recommended.

Please contact us to discuss your specific project and we will advise you as to the best coating options. In most instances, the coatings can be applied by the in-house staff who are engaged in janitorial services.


Long-term surface disinfection