About CCM

Quality products made in Germany.

“Made in Germany” has long been associated with high quality and innovation, especially in the fields of engineering, construction, chemistry and automobile manufacturing. This insistence for quality is fixed within the DNA of German industry and it is evident in the performance of large multi nationals which are world renowned, but it is also evident in the hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses which account for a vast part of the German commercial structure.

These companies, which are known as “hidden champions“ are often world leaders in niche and innovative industries.

We produce, design, enhance and market highly innovative products. We are proud to say that we work with some of Germany’s leading inventors. The range of technologies which CCM offers always address practical needs and they are always truly leading edge (many of our products are award winning).

CCM GmbH was founded by the two directors, Heiner Perk and Bernd Zimmermann in 2007 and it has expanded to become a unique network of innovation, production and worldwide distribution. Central to the ethos of the company is the concept of German Quality.

Our Product Groups

  • Liquid Glass Coatings (Brands: LiquiGlas®, EcoGlas® & ALGT©)
  • Disinfektion (Brands: Bacoban®, Pedexan®)
  • Multimedia-Cleaner (Brand: CCM®)
  • Bio-Cleaner (Brand: Biosativa®)
  • Aerosols
  • Private Label / OEM Products

Global Reach

CCM strenuously adheres to the core value that unique products can only be successfully marketed on a world-wide basis with the cooperation of unique partners. With such partners we are already working together in all continents and over 80 countries. All activities are managed from our Headquarters in Overath / Germany and our office in Cornwall / UK.

Modern technology and online networking enables us to act as a highly dynamic, lean, targeted, cohesive and professional unit; without the necessity of a large, expensive and potentially cumbersome “employee heavy” structure. This low overhead structure enables us to deliver products at exceptionally competitive rates.

CCM GmbH is a specialist in OEM products, also known as “Private Label”. We have vast experience in working with numerous companies (including leading multi nationals) to which we have supplied hundreds of products that have been developed, in partnership, under their own brand; and which have been successfully introduced to the market. Our export rate is over 90%.

Exclusive Trading Partnership (ETP)

CCM’s Exclusive Trading Partners will have signed an agreement which includes the exclusivity for a country, part of a country, the whole CCM product portfolio or a specific part of it (e.g. only “Liquid Glass Coatings”). Linked to this agreement are turn-over targets and an initial purchase guarantee. On attaining these status ETPs are listed as “Gold Partners” on our website and receive our optimized and more flexible price structure, even when ordering mixed shipments, where smaller quantities of a wide range of coatings may be necessary. Being able to order single litres of product at a price which is up to 50% lower than our standard trading rates.

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Customers Worldwide

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Award Winning Products

We have won “The Green Apple Award” (the UK’s leading International Environmental prize) in 2012 for “Biosativa®” our Bio-Cleaner and in 2013 for “Snap’n’Care”, our fridge disinfection unit.

Our “Liquid Glass” coatings have won several awards.

Bacoban® is a unique CE / VAH certified Medical Grade surface disinfection which offers 10 day anti pathogen protection. It reduces the need for excessive disinfection, limits the use of disinfectant liquids and so offers significant environmental benefits.

We hope that you are inspired by our concepts and ideas and choose to become part of our team.