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Type of Polysilazan Inorganic Hybrid Siloxane and Silane Hybrid SiO2 In+organic Organic Hybrid
After bonding arises… Not stated Not stated SiO² Pure SiO² SiO² with organic rests SiO² with organic rests
Temperature resistance Approx. 200°C Approx. 150°C 200°C >1.000°C Appr. 800°C -40° - 350°C
Chemical binding with the surface? Not stated Not stated No Yes Yes Yes
Vitreous layer? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hydrophobic surface? Yes Yes Yes Weak Strong Medium
Application on…

Glass, painted surfaces, plastics, metals, e.g. stainless steel

Glass, painted surfaces, plastics, metals, e.g. stainless steel

Plastics, metal, e.g. stainless steel, and painted surfaces Metal, plastics, paintings, glass, stone Metals, alloys, plastics, paints, glass and stone (e.g. marble and granite) Metals, alloys, plastics
Application Spray and wipe on Spray or polishing Spray, dip and wipe on Spray or dip Spray, dip or polishing Wiping, rolling or spraying
Resistent against… Most acids and domestic grade alkali Restists domestic grade acids and alkali Most acids and domestic alkaline cleaners Mild to strong acids/alkalis Variety of mild to medium strong acids / alkalis Mild to medium strong
Scratch and impact resistance Yes. This is a very thin coating. Good resistance to domestic cleaning abrasion. Yes. Good resistance to domestic cleaning abrasion. Very good resistance to abrasion and scratching Extreme High Medium scratch, high impact resistance (very flexible)
Corrosion and oxidation protection Limited Limited Offers some corrosion resistance Permanent Permanent Up to 15 years
Salt resistance Good Good Excellent   According to DIN 50021  
Food safe Non Cyto toxic Not tested Yes   +  
Weathering test mild steel, brass, copper, bronze (ISO 2810, 700h)         +  
CASS-Test aluminium (DIN 50021, 240h)         +  
Corrosion test hot dip galvanized steel (DIN 6270, 768h)         +  

REM Photos Coating of Stainless Steels Fibres with 7656 Liquid Glass

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