Disinfection Products

Pedexan® Shoe Disinfection

Longterm Shoe Disinfection

Odour created as a result of perspiration occurs when bacteria (predominately Brevibacterium epidermis on feet) decompose sweat. Athletes foot is a very common skin disorder and it is often caused by pathogens such as filamentous fungi (dermatophytes) and yeast (candida).

Pedexan® provides a highly effective remedy as it...

  • kills bacteria and fungi within minutes
  • creates an environment in which micro-organisms are unable to survive.
  • provides highly durable and long lasting protection
  • effectively combats odors
  • helps to prevent foot infections
  • is bio-compatible

Pedexan Markets

Pedexan® for Military, Police and Firefighters
Pedexan® for rental businesses like ski shoes,
helmets, bowling shoes and many more
For Athletes, indoor and outdoor sports
Retail market. For businesses like shoe stores,
supermarkets and many more