Nano-Scale Liquid Glass Coatings

Mobile Phone Coatings

Mobile Phone Protection

CCM GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer of "Liquid Glass" coatings for mobile phones. CCM supplies wipes and kits for private label customers in more than 60 countries.


The application of a protective layer of liquid glass to a phone is very simple and the advantages are:

  • Mobile phone becomes easy-to-clean
  • Fingerprints can be removed with a dry wipe
  • Water-repellent
  • Screen gains significant protection against micro scratches
  • Screen becomes approximately 30% harder
  • Phone becomes „biostatic“, meaning the coating significantly inhibits the development of bacteria
  • Gamma wave emissions are reduced significantly (Gamma waves are highly penetrative and damage human cells)
  • No need for an unattractive protective film (significantly reduces plastic waste) and no bubbles
  • Super easy and fast to apply
  • Invisible / undetectable protection
  • Usable for all mobile phones, including „Edge“ models
  • Can also be used for the rear "glass" of some mobile phone
  • Protects the all-important lenses of mobile phones
  • No impairment of the touch & button functions, scrolling becomes more pleasant ("better haptic experience")
  • Sharper playback of videos
  • Durable for approximately one year
  • Award-winning technology
  • TÜV tested (all claims are based on independent testing)
  • Heat tolerant to approximately 250°C

The main component of the coating is "SiO2" (silicon dioxide = glass), these glass molecules are created from pure quartz sand, one of the most abundant raw materials in nature. SiO2 is used in toothpaste and it is also naturally present within the human body.


Our Mobile Devices Coating has passed these TÜV tests:

  • MSZ ISO 18593:2008: Microbiological Test
  • MSZ 9640/41:1983 Scratch hardness test with spring ball rod
  • MSZ EN ISO 15184:2013Pencil Hardness Test
  • Sessile drop method Water-Repellent, surface tension, contact angles
  • DIN 51 155 Impact Test
  • ICP-MS MSZ EN ISO 17294-2:2005 Metal content of the wipes
  • ICP-MS + XRF RoHs screening test