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„Hybrid Nano Silica Fusion Technology“ (HNSFT) with self-healing characteristics

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The fabric industry has been searching for a replacement for PFOA based fabric coatings and now we are able to offer such a technology. Our new coating Hybrid Nano Silica Fusion Technology (HNSFT) with self-healing characteristics is a PFOA /PFOS free technology which actually out performs standard C8 fabric coatings.

It offers exceptional performance in all areas:

  • Washable up to 100 cycles
  • Stunning hydrophobicity
  • Oleophobicity rating of 8 on some fabrics
  • UV stable
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Full performance (spray rating100) after 20 household washes due to EN ISO 6330” (lab accredited to the AATCC 22 standard)

Hot Stuff™ Textile Coating 8685

Comparison: without (left) | with (right)

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Layer thickness of SiO² Liquid Glass textile coating

Layer thickness of SiO² Liquid Glass textile coating

Contact angle measurement

Contact angle measurement

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