Research & Development

Titandioxid Technology

About the Technology

Nanotechnology is one of the most promising technologies of the world. It is less a technology – it is more an umbrella term for a multitude of applications and products which consist of tiny particles and thereby get very special and even complete new properties.

This type uses the property of photocatalytic titanium dioxide. This technology is not new but due to advanced manufacturing techniques, smaller dimensions of particles and doping with noble metals new applications were found, which were considered as utopia recently.

These products are photocatalytic. Exposed to light they produce oxygen radicals on the surface. The activated oxygen decomposes organic molecules and dirt particles that get in touch with the surface. This way odorous substances, air pollutants, viruses, spores and bacteria will be destroyed.

The Quality of Life

Titandioxid-EfficiencyLight has amazing properties regardless of whether it is artificial or natural. Photosynthesis makes life possible from light and air because life-enabling oxygen comes from carbon dioxide. Light and oxygen play an important role in photocatalysis, too. Titanium dioxide can activate oxygen and enable many types of
microorganisms to be broken up.

As viruses, germs and bacteria are broken up, photocatalysis contributes to an improvement of our quality of life. CCM®Titan can be used wherever cleanliness is the measure of all things, wherever unwanted odours occur as well as wherever cleaning is expensive and cumbersome.

Applications with CCM®titan

CCM®titan coated surfaces have unique properties. They clean themselves, they are antibacterial and they are even able to eliminate pollutants, viruses and unpleasant odours from our air…