Quality & Sustainability

An important aspect of our corporate policy is the protection of the environment.

All factories work together with their employees in such a way as to preserve natural resources. Pollution of the environment with chemicals and carbon is avoided by reducing the amount of waste and defective goods.

Our Liquid Glass Coatings are tested due to these standards: ALGT Liquid Glass Coatings Test Reports

Safety is guaranteed by our strict adherence to prevailing regulations:

  • Strict hygienic directions, which satisfy the standards of the food industry
  • Metal detectors on most lines
  • Cleaning and disinfection control
  • Regular instructions of all employees in safety and first aid

  • Instructions for handling dangerous goods
  • Operating instructions for chemicals
  • Fire prevention and medical first aid guidelines
  • Instructions for guests and third party companies
  • Availability of MSDS sheets for all products


We put together some useful information regarding REACH, the European chemicals legislation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals). For further questions please contact us.


Purchasing of raw materials on an international scale allows us to respond quickly to market changes.

We strive to ensure that the raw materials we purchase are:

  • Of high and consistent quality
  • From reliable sources / suppliers
  • Of optimal price and quality
  • Ecologically sound through use of recyclable materials
  • We make sure that we optimise all manufacturing processes by choosing the most “efficient” raw materials