Stone, Marble & Concrete Coatings

7620 Stone Coating (penetrative)

Unlike our standard coating for stone 695 (which is a water based topographical coating) this coating is designed to penetrate deep into the structure of the stone. After it has become established in the stone it provides strong hydrophobic and oleophobic protection. Specifically developed for natural stone and cementitious surfaces such as sandstone, limestone, travertine, concrete, pavers and brickwork.

This coating will remain highly effective for approximately 10-20 years. (Top up coatings for areas subjected to high abrasion or repeated cleaning, can be completed in minutes) This coating can be used on floors and on work surfaces including hybrid stone. As the coating becomes enmeshed within the surface structure of the stone it also provides excellent anti-weathering characteristics which significantly impede degradation and water ingress. Testing is always recommended before large scale application. It should not be applied to wet or moist stone. Optimum performance is established after curing for 48 hours at 20°C, however, functionality is established within 2-3 hours.

Test Certifications

Test according to Description
DIN EN ISO 1062-3 Water absorption (on travertin)
DIN EN ISO 7783 Water vapour transmission (on travertin)
ASTM B117 Water absorption (on concrete)
AS/NZS 4456.10 Resistance against salt and chlorine attack (on sandstone)
ASTM G 154-06/2006 Accelerated aging test on Wood
  Test resistance to absorption of moisture
  Water absortion test on lime sandstone
  Stain protection testing on lime sandstone
  Application testing

Case Study

CCM was happy to solve a problem for the town of Penzance, Cornwall / UK where a huge oil stain ruined the newly refurbished Penzance Promenade. An article in Cornwall Live highlighted the problem, noting that all attempts to clean the area had failed so far.

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Stone Coatings in Comparison

Properties 695
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704 / 705
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7620 7626
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Application Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Spray, brush, roller Brush, roller, convention or airless spray
Application Temperature <5°C - 50°C <15°C - 25°C <5°C - 30°C <5°C - 30°C <5°C - 40°C <-10°C - 70°C <-5°C - +60°C
m² per liter 5 - 40 50 - 80 10 - 20 10 - 20 20 - 100 8 - 50 8 - 10
Durability Up to 2 years Up to 10 years Up to three years Up to 10 years 5 years + 10 - 20 years Up to 20 years
Curing Time 12 hours 7 days at room temperature 12 hours 12 hours 24 hours 3-6 hours at 20°C Touch dry 3-4 hours, full cure 24 hours
… based Water Solvent Water Water Solvent Solvent Solvent
Available as concentrate Yes, 1:9-1:14 (art. no. 697) No No No dilutable up to 1:1 with Ethanol or 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol No No
Breathable Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Visible No on most surfaces Yes, glossy No on most surfaces No on most surfaces 704: Glossy
705: Matte
Might be slightly darker Yes, clearly (glossy)
Topographical / penetrative Topographical Topographical Topographical Topographical Topographical Penetrative, extreme abrasion-resistant Topographical, very strong bonding
Oil resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frost resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available in RAL colors No No No No Yes, from 1.000 liter No Yes, from 100 liter
Dangerous goods No No No No Yes No No
Application recommendation Concrete, plaster, natural stone (granite, slate, basalt, sandstone, Concrete, plaster, natural stone (granite, slate, basalt, sandstone, Wet room walls, concrete seating in public areas, stone foyer areas For monuments, Statues, high value stone art works, paving-stone systems and terrace tiles Concrete, plaster, natural stone (granite, slate, basalt, sandstone, limestone), roof tiles, clinker Concrete, tiles (unglazed), roofing tiles, brick/masonry, limestone, sandstone, mineral plaster, natural stone, façade, slate Graffiti Protection for up to 50 times, for commercial locations, for aluminium siding, (fibre) glass, masonry, metal, street signs, stucco, utility boxes, vinyl siding, wood