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7641 Hybrid Coating

Suitable for almost every hard surface including boats, aviation & marine

7641 Hybrid Coating is a hybrid, two-component, transparent sealing coating. This coating provides a high-gloss appearance which is weather resistant for many years. The coating offers a range of valuable attributes. It of course offers an easy-to-clean-effect which means that environmental soiling agents don’t adhere to the coated surfaces. In addition, the sealed surfaces can be cleaned without special cleaning agents, simply clean with water and a sponge. Faded or “chalked” surfaces can be rejuvenated and will appear like new, as the former shine and colour returns after being coated with 7641 Hybrid Coating.

The density of the coating creates a high performance anti-corrosion layer on metals. This attribute (which occurs without heating) linked with the anti-graffiti characteristics of the technology makes this an ideal, easy to apply coating for a wide range of products including street furniture, signage, railways and marine applications.

Key Features

Application Temperature

-5 to +25°C

Coverage Rate per Liter

50 - 80 m2

Durability of the Coating

Up to 10 years

Shelf Life of the Liquid

24 months,
6 - 12 months after opening

Storage Temperature

+5 to +25°C

Curing Time

7 days at room temperature



  • Excellent shine and durability
  • Long-lasting “easy-to-clean” characteristics
  • Old and faded colours are refreshed and regain an “as new” shine
  • Anti-Graffiti characteristics
  • Anti-Fingerprint on metallic surfaces
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • UV-protection significantly reduces bleaching
  • Extremely resistant to mechanical and environmental degradation
  • Resistant against domestic grade acid and alkaline degradation, as well as organic solvents
  • 2 component coating
  • Easy-to-apply
  • Anti-graffiti performance
  • Food-safe
  • Layer thickness: 10-25 microns


7641 Hybrid Coating is ideal for use in: Marine sector, can be used on aluminium (treated or untreated), busses, trains, stainless steel, brass, copper, several kinds of plastics and GFK/GRP, food silos

Container Sizes

  • 641-50: 50 g
  • 641-100: 100 g
  • 641-1000: 1000 g
  • 641-5000: 5000 g

Tests & Certifications

Approved and controlled by official experts
  • Certified according to AS/NZS4020 2005 (Australia) for use in contact with drinking water.
  • Certified for use in contact with food (EU)