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8654 Quick Gloss Coating

Super Quick – Super Easy – Water-Based

8654 Quick Gloss is a highly innovative care product that has been developed for the enhancement of smooth surfaces such as auto / marine paintwork and plastics. It is very easy to apply and highly effective. The treated surfaces show a highly improved hydrophobicity and associated easy clean characteristics. In addition, the product gives a higher shine and colour intensity. This coating is more durable than most water-based technologies and offers good performance for over six months when applied to car paintwork. Most significantly this coating is exceptionally easy to apply, and a car can be fully protected within minutes.



Water-based solution with very low VOC amount.

  • Not silicone-based
  • Not sensitive to UV
  • Thinner than a typical “wax” layer
  • Provides excellent gloss with only gentle buffing
  • It can be applied immediately after running a car through a car wash
  • It does not matter if the surface is damp
  • Exceptionally easy to apply, simply “wipe and go”
  • Functional in a few minutes
  • More durable than standard auto wax coatings
  • Lasts for approximately 1 year
  • Re application is very easy
  • No VOCs


Use undiluted. Ideal application temperature between 5°C and 35°C (surface temperature). Any residues of polish or wax harm the result. Clean the surface and remove any loose dirt (it is of course best if the coat-ing is applied to a clean surface).

Spray the target surface with a light film of water. Next, spray 8654 Quick Gloss on the moist surface and dry it immediately with a lint-free cloth (do not use a microfibre cloth). The product is active immediately. Alternatively, the product can also be applied on a clean, dry surface.

If the product dries too rapidly or if there is an over application of the coating, “white stripes” may become visible. They can be eliminated by adding a small amount of new product and polishing the surface again.