10. Int. Liquid Glass Training: Registration Open
February 4, 2017
CCM wins the prestigious “Best of 2017” award.
May 6, 2017

10 years of CCM – 10 years High Quality – Germany Made Technology

CCM celebrates its 10th anniversary. Heiner Perk and Bernd Zimmermann founded the company in January 2007 as a spin off of a chemical company they had established earlier.

CCM is developing and producing Liquid Glass coatings, office, bio and car cleaner and disinfection products.

Today’s Managment team (Heiner Perk, Bernd Zimmermann, Neil McClelland) are very proud to have developed CCM to the point that they are viewed as one of the worlds leading manufacturers in the field of Liquid Glass Coatings, with customers in over 80 countries and an export rate of more than 90%.

CCM promise you that they will go on surprising you in the future with further amazing new developments.