Disinfection Products

Bacoban® & Pedexan®

Long-term Surface Disinfection for up to 10 Days

Cleaning. Disinfection. Coating. 3 in 1.

Humans have been creating disinfectants for millennia and of course some are more effective than others; for example we moved from vinegar to bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) both of which have served mankind very well. Over recent years we have been using alcohol, iodine and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect surfaces but the problem with these disinfectants is that they are good at disinfecting, at the point when they are wiped over a surface, but they offer no residual benefits. For example, imagine the process of disinfecting a hospital room. A person starts cleaning the surfaces on the left hand side of the room, by the time that they have reached the right hand side of the room the freshly cleaned surfaces may have been re-colonised by pathogens. This is clearly a completely unsatisfactory process. The healthcare sector needed to find a solution to this problem and the solution lay in creating a disinfectant which combined sterilisation with long term residual protection.
The solution became Bacoban® - made in Germany.

Clean. Protect. Sanitize.

Our CPS platform for greater flexibillity.

Mobile Phone Sanitizer

With the continued application of the coating a super thin layer of anti-pathogen liquid glass technology is deposited on the surface

Bacoban Markets

Health Care: It is certified as a Class 2A Medical Device and is used in hospitals

Aerospace: It is certified to the standards (AMS 1451B & 1452B) for the use in aircrafts

Public transport: One of the highest risk areas for cross contamination

Veterinary: For businesses like veterinary practices, livestock farms and pet owners

Tourism sector: For businesses like the cruise liners, Hotels and many more

Leisure: For businesses like spa resorts, swimming pools, Theme parks and many more

Public places: Counter-tops, bars, restaurants, atm machines, touch-screens and many more

Retail market: For businesses like shoe stores, supermarkets and many more

Pedexan - Longterm Shoe Disinfection

Odour created as a result of perspiration occurs when bacteria (predominately Brevibacterium epidermis on feet) decompose sweat. Athletes foot is a very common skin disorder and it is often caused by pathogens such as filamentous fungi (dermatophytes) and yeast (candida).

Pedexan® provides a highly effective remedy as it...

  • kills bacteria and fungi within minutes
  • creates an environment in which micro-organisms are unable to survive.
  • provides highly durable and long lasting protection
  • effectively combats odors
  • helps to prevent foot infections
  • is bio-compatible

Pedexan Markets

Pedexan® for Military, Police and Firefighters
Pedexan® for rental businesses like ski shoes,
helmets, bowling shoes and many more
For Athletes, indoor and outdoor sports
Retail market. For businesses like shoe stores,
supermarkets and many more
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Pedexan Dispenser
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How does it work?

Bacoban® establishes an ultra-thin film with a lasting effect. The technology used here is the sol-gel process that develops a solid gel phase on the basis of a liquid phase...

Learn more about how it works and what the effects are

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