Clean. Protect. Sanitize.

Learn more about the CPS platform.

When we started on our project to become the most professional organisation in the liquid glass / nano coatings sector, we realised that supplying our partners with nano coatings was addressing only half of their needs, and so we created the CPS platform.

The CPS platform allows us to enter into almost any environment (from hospitals to food production plants) and subsequently create a total process which allows for Cleaning, Protection and Sanitation.


We offer world-class cleaning products and technologies, which include our Multi Award-Winning Biosativa® Bio Cleaner and BLU1000 Stainless Steel Cleaner. These two products form the backbone of our cleaning process. In addition to cleaning products we offer the most sophisticated Dry Ice Cleaning technology available. This technology, which was created for the aerospace sector, offers exceptional flexibility and it is the only technology available for certain technical cleaning processes.


We can provide a coating for almost any substrate. Our coatings range from DIY coatings, provided in wipe form, to ultra-high specification coatings for military use.

We are always innovating in our labs what ensures that we are first to market with new coatings and associated technologies.


The world is changing rapidly, and rapid mass transport means that more than ever, we have to provide the highest standard of sanitation technology possible. We offer a full platform of sanitation technologies. Central to this is Bacoban®. This sanitation liquid provides up to, and beyond, 10 days of anti-pathogen protection.

Bacoban® can be applied via wiping, spraying or nebulising. As a certified medical device, our partners can be sure of the exceptional performance of this technology. We have already been instrumental in this technology being accepted into many health services worldwide. In addition to general sanitation, it provides unrivalled protection for touch screens and mobile devices, and the coating of ATMs with Bacoban® throughout Europe will commence.

This brief overview does not cover the full range and depth of the technologies which we can provide. It is simply our aim to confirm that our CPS structure is available to all of our partners.

We also now act as “problem solvers” for a range of organisations, and as a result we are able to provide technologies which are tailored to meet local markets where Halal or Kosher certified products are required.

We are passionate about innovation and high performance, and our CPS structure is a great example of our use of innovative technology linked with solid performance.