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Biosativa® Bio Cleaner

Biosativa® for Industry & Household

BIOSATIVA is a stunningly effective cleaning product. It is an absolutely non-polluting, water-soluble fluid which is straw green in colour.

It offers a range of valuable attributes. It is not harmful to surfaces , it is dermatologically harmless, 100% biodegradable and bio-compatible (no negative impact on plant, animal or marine life). In addition containers used to manufacture, transport and dispense Biosativa can be re cycled and re-used. Biosativa is a completely organic cleaner which uses a new form of tenside (agents that modify the surface tension of liquids.) The tensides in Biosativa, which are created in the most part from hemp oil and yeast, create highly active amphiphilic tensides (both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds). These novel tensides allow Biosativa to offer exceptional cleaning power as they reduce surface tensions to 30-20 mN/ms, thus enabling strong pollutants to emulsify to the extent that they are virtually neutralised and this of course reduces the environmental impact of cleaning. Normally only highly polluting cleaning agents can offer such values.

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