Industrial & Pro Coatings

ALGT Industry Solutions

The following areas of application represent the main divisions within our organisation. The simple message is, “we can protect almost everything”.


SiO² ultra thin coating technology has been described as “one of the world’s most versatile technologies”; and when you consider that it is easy to apply, heat tolerant, flexible, breathable, highly durable, environmentally friendly, chemically inert, food safe, low cost and anti bacterial, you can see why this comment has been made. SiO2 has been used as a food additive for many years. It is commonly used in products such as toothpaste, ketchup, and beer; however we now find that its greatest value to the food industry is when it is used as a surface coating. Surfaces which are coated with SiO2 off er anti-sticking, easy clean, stain proofing and biostatic characteristics. SiO2 coatings have already been evaluated by leading food manufacturers. As SiO2 is inherently food safe and inert, it provides the ideal coating for food production plants, butchery departments, storage vessels, kitchen implements and food handling surfaces.


We are contacted on a daily basis by companies wishing to know if an SiO2 coating will be suitable for application to their product or general working environment. In essence our coatings can be applied to almost any surface, and in most instances we have an “off the shelf” solution to most requests; from Abattoirs to Zoological specimen protection, we can off er a coating. It should be stressed that not all of our coatings are at the nano scale. Some of our coatings are in the 2-3 micron range. A nano scale coating is ideal if you wish to coat optical lenses but if you wish to coat fl ooring in a supermarket then a thicker coating may be more suitable. In all instances our self application coatings are low cost and very easy to work with.


SiO² coatings have been tested extensively in the UK medical sector and Neil McClelland, one of the partners within our organisation, has been responsible for promoting the use of SiO2 coatings within the UK’s National Health Service. He has presented extensively in the UK and was a guest speaker at the world famous IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining). Testing has conclusively proven that industrial SiO2 coatings are of enormous significance to the health sector. In simple terms the coatings can be used to create environments in which the bio burden is massively reduced and coated surfaces are exceptionally easy to clean. SiO2 coatings can be used on almost all surfaces within the Healthcare sector, this includes clothing, stethoscopes, surgical instruments, walls, floors, operating theatres, bedside tables, etc. There are literally hundreds of surfaces which can be coated within a hospital, dental surgery or similar environment.


We offer coatings for railway stations, hotels, schools, shopping centres, supermarkets, escalators, etc. Not only do we off er fantastic coatings for these facilities but we off er coatings for almost all of the surfaces within the facility. From anti-graffiti coatings on the outside to anti-bac coatings for ATMs on the inside. We also off er a complete range of stone protection coatings. These easy to apply, water based, topographical coatings, which are of course highly durable and breathable, are suitable for use on fl oors, monuments, work surfaces and of course interior and exterior walls. They are available in coatings which range from 50 nm to 1 micron. Much depends on what you wish to protect and how you need to protect it. Our graffiti protection coatings can off er protection for up to 30 removal cycles.


SiO² coatings are ideal for protecting cars and motorcycles . Alloy wheels become easy to clean and blemish free, as brake dust does not burn into the coating. Exterior body work and fuel tanks become protected by a glossy, easy to clean and abrasion resistant coating. Car seats become stain resistant and odours can be signifi cantly reduced, especially if an anti-bac variant is used. Perhaps most significantly all of the windows can be coated with a highly durable and undetectable super-phobic coating which massively increases visibility when driving in heavy rain. Some of our auto coatings are TÜV certified.


SiO² coatings have already been trialled extensively on private Business Jets. On interior surfaces the coatings have been used to protect carpets and fabrics against staining and wear, on galley surfaces to enhance the appearance and “cleanability”. (Coated surfaces maintain an “as good as new” appearance). Our anti bacterial coatings will of course allow the client to travel in an environment which is as clean as possible. On the exterior of the aircraft, SiO2 coatings have been proven to be signifi cantly more durable than the conventional coatings which are currently in use. We are now working through CAA approvals with our partners.


SiO² coatings have been tested on a wide range of vessels. The marine environment is of course very tough and yet SiO2 coatings have proven to off er excellent performance, and as ever the range of possible applications have proven to be enormous. On cruise liners expensive state room carpets can be protected as can all surfaces in kitchens restaurants, and bathrooms. Linen, bedding and soft furnishing become stain resistant. Bridge windows remain clearer in stormy conditions as sea salt does not burn into coated glass. Funnels do not become stained by exhaust deposits and so high standards of presentation are maintained. On pleasure craft, hulls can be protected against soiling and abrasion, soft furnishings can be protected against mould, galleys and heads can be coated with anti bac protection.