Private Label Samples

How to get samples?

We are able to offer one sample per product, per customer.

Our sample price-list we send you on request.

The minimum charge is 50.00€ and the sample fee acts as a credit note against future orders.

+ fright costs (minimum EUR 8.90 worldwide with DHL standard post up to 500g, delivery time 5-10 working days, depends on country)

Subsequent orders will be reduced by max.10% per order, until the sample fees have been absorbed.

For example:

  • If your sample order is 100 € and you make a subsequent order for 1000 € then, your order payment will be reduced to 900 €.
  • If you make e.g. two orders of 800 €, the first order will be reduced by 80 € and the second by 20 €.

Payment in advance by PayPal or bank transfer.