Private Label Samples

How to get samples?

We are able to offer one sample per product, per customer.

Our sample price-list we send you on request.

Lab samples

We use the term “lab samples” to denote small samples which are completely adequate for testing the performance of the coatings. Due to recent laws these are restricted to sachets containing 6 ml of solvent based coatings or 10 ml bottles of water based coatings.

These samples can be sent by the national postal service.

The cost for the sample pack will be € 70.00 for Europe and €100.00 for outside of Europe.

Larger sample packs

Non dangerous goods. E.g. fabric coatings or Biosativa. We can supply 100 ml bottles of these coatings. These can be forwarded by the national postage service. The cost for this sample pack is € 70.00

Dangerous goods shipping by air

Containers which carry more than *6 ml of liquid have to be declared as dangerous goods and so have to be shipped following the strict dangerous good regulations. The cost for shipping by air varies depending upon the dimensions of the container and the number of items within the package. The costs range from approximately € 200.00 for 2 x 100 ml of solvent based liquids to € 600.00 for 5 x 100 ml bottles (depends on the country and the local regulations).

Payment in advance by PayPal or bank transfer.

*It is legal to forward a 6 ml sachets of solvent based liquid as non dangerous goods but it is not legal to forward 6 ml of the same liquid in a bottle.