Nano-Scale Liquid Glass Coatings

Textile & Carpet Coatings

Textile Coatings

With flourine or flourine-free

For achieving excellent water, oil and dirt repellent properties when applied at the highest level of concentration:

  • High Hydrophobicity + Oleophobicity
  • Strong anti-adhesive properties
  • Excellent easy-to-clean effect with regard to dirt and liquids
  • Fibres are protected against the ingress of dirt particles
  • Food-safety
  • Permanent (UV-stable, very resistant against abrasion)
  • Temperature-resistant
  • The easy application
  • For 40-50 hand washing cycles
  • Breathable
  • No impairment of the appearance or texture of the substrate (thickness: 100-150 nm)
  • Free of silicones, FCKW hydrofluorocarbons, teflon, solvents & propellant
  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Breathable
  • Water-based


  • Clothing
  • Home textiles (upholstery, furniture, carpets)
  • Suede / leather
  • Paper, cardboard
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Flourine-free 7681

Recommended for synthetic and poly cotton fabrics, not usable on cotton fabrics and absorbent leather. No oleophobicity.


  • Polysiloxan emulsion - fluorine-free
  • Highly water- and dirt repellent (easy-to-clean effect)
  • Maintains the colour appearance and the natural grip of the treated substrate
  • Durable protection
  • Excellent breathability and non-stick properties
  • Curing at room temperature
  • High UV-resistance and environmental compatibility (free from APEO)
  • Ready-to-use, also dilutable 30-50% (weight-%) of the concentrate, rest filled to 100% (weight-%) with demineralized water.
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Hot Stuff™ 8685

Hot Stuff® Sneaker Guard PRO

The ultimate sneaker protection for all types of sneakers made from fabric and suede with ultra strong stain protection, water and oil repellent, very durable, machine washable, self-healing

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Coating for Carpets & Soft Furnishings

Commercial Grade | Concentrate 1:25

687 Carpet Protect is an aqueous, room temperature curing impregnation for textiles (PES, Cotton, PA and mixtures), which provides hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The product generates a nano scale film on the surface. The penetration of water, soot, coffee, cola, ketchup, red wine and other staining agents is significantly reduced. In addition the penetration of cooking fat, fuel, waste oil and dry soiling agents into the structure of the fibre is reduced and as a result many soiling agents can be easily removed.

Attribute Details
Active agent SiO2 / Fluorine polymer in water
Solid content ~ 1%
Colour white, translucent liquid
Viscosity < 10 mPas
pH-value 3-4
Dilution 1:25 with demineralized water
Shelf life Concentrate: 24 months
Diluted liquid 7 days

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