Graffiti Protection & Removal Gel

Graffiti Protection 7626

Graffiti Protection 7626 is a unique one-pack, white spirit based, external coating designed to give effective protection against both graffiti and fly-poster attack and is a semi-transparent/clear liquid.

It is a permanent not a sacrificial system, allowing for repeated easy removal of any graffiti. It has been specifically designed to minimise any alteration to the appearance of the protected surface. Graffiti Protection 7626 can be used on concrete, render, masonry, porous stone, timber and previously painted surfaces. The protection is for up to 20 years.

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CCM 800 Graffiti Remover

CCM 800 Graffiti Remover is a fast acting paint remover designed for professional and DIY use. It has a gel consistency which enables use on vertical and other less accessible areas to be treated. It works rapidly to break down the surface of most coatings allowing its removal with tools or water spray. Does not bleach the stone.

Non caustic, no neutralising required. Methylene chloride / Dichloromethane free.

Use indoors and outdoors. If use indoors make sure there is plenty of ventilation by opening doors and windows. Do not use near naked flames or in conjunction with hot air guns. No Smoking.

Product Characteristics

  • Methylene Chloride free
  • Very fast action
  • 1 litre for appr. 3m² (depends on the thickness of paint layers)
  • 5 litres can, plain tin


1 litre can remove up to 3m² of coating depending upon the number of layers / type of paint i. e. both sides of a standard door.


For wood and masonry. Metal, plastics and other substrates should be subjected to an inconspicuous test patch to determine compatibility for use before attempting larger areas.

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