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We are producer of flexi-head-swabs with micro-tex-foam head for cleaning or oiling processes. Our products are resistant to chemicals used for cleaning and oiling, the sponge head can be removed by destruction only.

Cleaning_Swabs_1 Cleaning_Swabs_2

The end of the swabs is flexible; the head with the sponge stays straight even after multiple bends.

Cleaning_Swabs_3 Cleaning_Swabs_4

The plastic handle of the rod is available in any color according to your claims, and the color of the natural-white head of the swabs can be combined with different colors (red, green or blue), matching the color scheme of your products.

Cleaning_Swabs_5 Cleaning_Swabs_6 Cleaning_Swabs_7

The rods can be ordered pre-lubricated (cleaning or oiling), in vacuum packaging, for which we use either your liquids or our self-developed materials, according to your claims. You can have own designed packages with any color of print you needed. Supply with blister-hole is also avilable.

Cleaning_Swabs_8 Cleaning_Swabs_9

For dry swabs you can use our box-packing with 25 pcs of them - with any kind of print you need.
Please ask for detailed prices for all kind of packaging.

We are ready to develop your own special swabs if you need it. Get in touch with us.