Liquid Glass Coatings

Mobile Phone Coating with Product Performance Guarantee

CCM created a Liquid Glass Coating for mobile phones approximately eight years ago and since then it became a standard product which is recognized as the world‘s leading DIY coating for phones

Now CCM has initiated the second phase of development

Liquid Glass now offers coatings with a one-year Product Performance Guarantee warranty program under our Brand „CCM“ (available from January 2020) and for private label customers.

This highly sophisticated package is powered by AIG one of the worlds leading insurance companies.

This Product Performance Guarantee program, is fully administered by Asfalis Warranty Solutions and managed through a mobile App and fully automated online registration platform. The program guarantees the customer‘ s screen against breakage for one year after the application of the Liquid Glass coating. We are starting with Europe, the US, Canada and New Zealand, other countries will follow soon.

How it works

  • 1 pre-cleaning wipe, 10 x 14cm, generic print design
  • 1 Liquid Glass coating wipe, 10 x 14cm, generic print design
  • 1 micro-fibre tissue
  • 1 user instruction
  • 1 warranty activation code for one year

packed in a 4 color retail envelope with euro slot to your OEM design and bulk shipped 200 units per outer carton.

  • 100.00 EUR
  • 200.00 EUR
  • 250.00 EUR

6.000 pcs. per delivery

Download the Asfalis Warranty Solutions Registration App and follow the instructions
Duration of the warranty: 1 year from date of purchase

How it works if a claim is made

  1. The customer opens a „ticket“ online, as described in the „Warranty Terms & Conditions“. The claim will be initiated and processed online.
  2. The customer goes to any „professional “ mobile phone repair store in his country which is able to issue a valid VAT receipt.
  3. The customer pays for the repair at the store.
  4. The customer uploads the receipt to the Asfalis platform through the portal and Asfalis will pay out the value of the receipt up to the maximum warranty value.

The customer pre-finances the repair and is then reimbursed for the coverage amount under the Product Preformance Guarantee program; a very standard procedure. Please contact us for further information.


About Nano Technology

1Non-technical overview

The liquid within the bottle or wipe which you are using contains molecules of pure glass. These molecules are held in a liquid (alcohol). These molecules stay apart from each other whilst they are in the liquid but as soon as you apply the liquid to a surface the molecules rapidly lock together and create a layer of super strong glass. The glass is similar to the glass in the windows of your home but as it is so thin it has some special strengths. One of the special strengths is that it is both hard and flexible at the same time. It is hard to imagine that glass is flexible, but it is when it is very thin. It also offers other characteristics. It rejects water, it is easy to clean, very tough and durable, it is heat tolerant to over 200°C, it prevents bacteria from growing and it also prevents a lot of harmful gamma rays from passing through the coating. All of these characteristics create a super strong glass coating which is known as “Liquid Glass Technology”.

2Technical overview

The term Nano comes from the Greek word for „dwarf“ and is now commonly associated with technology where a particle, device or layer is at a nano level; which is 1 billionth of a meter (there are 25,400,000 nanometres in an inch) In any language this is small. This is smaller than the width of a molecule of DNA.

In the last decade, considerable efforts have been made to develop ultra-high-performance Nano coatings. One such Nano coating technology is Liquid Glass. This is where a Nano-scale layer of molecular, particle free glass is deposited on a surface. This layer is approximately 100 nanometres thick (500 times thinner than a human hair). The coating can be easily deposited onto surfaces such as mobile phones, car windscreens, clothing etc.

3What is Silica Dioxide (Si02)?

The molecules of SiO2 which are present in our coatings come from pure quartz sand, of which there are vast reserves, as silicon dioxide is one of the most abundant compounds on the planet.

It turns out that Silica Dioxide is actually very useful stuff. It has been around in various forms for industrial use for over 50 years and is used as a flow agent in lots of everyday products. If you have ever used toothpaste, eaten ketchup or drank a beer, then the chances are you have consumed Silica Dioxide. In fact, SiO2 is one of the minerals (like iron) which we all need within our bodies.

Just like domestic glass, Liquid Glass coatings are food safe, chemically inert and highly resistant to commonly used cleaning chemicals. The coatings also offer resistance to alkalis, acids and solvents.

Liquid Glass Screen Protector

1What is the Liquid Glass Screen Protector?

There are many types of Liquid Glass, each designed for a specific type of application. In order for us to achieve a protective coating suitable for mobile device screens we needed to develop a unique form of Liquid Glass screen protector that works on mobile device screens. The coating had to be massively durable, yet thin enough not to interfere with touch screen activity. Thankfully our team were able to create a coating which has now been used on millions of phones.

2How does the Liquid Glass Screen Protector work?

When viewed under a microscope a glass surface is not smooth. It is full of microscopic valleys and ridges, which can become points of weakness when exposed to external stress through blunt impact.

When the Liquid Glass Screen Protector is applied the glass, coating bonds to the glass. This liquid glass layer causes a smoothing out effect on the glass, which significantly reduces the points of weakness. As a result, the hardness of the coated glass increases with a corresponding increase in durability.

3Is the Liquid Glass coating harmful to my device?

No, not at all, the Liquid Glass layer is a completely inert substance and does not harm your device in any way.

4Can I take the coating off?

When the Liquid Glass coating has been successfully applied, it bonds with the glass it has been applied to and becomes part of that glass substrate. It can only be removed with abrasion which is not recommended. It is not possible to remove the coating with a solvent.

5Can I use Liquid Glass all over the phone?

The Liquid Glass Screen Protector is only effective when applied to the glass surfaces on your device. It does not protect any non-glass surface.

6If my screen is cracked, can I still apply the coating?

It is possible to apply the Liquid Glass Screen Protector to a cracked screen, but we would strongly advise against it as you will not be able to register your device for the warranty with a cracked or broken screen and the level of protection offered by the coating will be dramatically reduced. We would always recommend that you replace a cracked or broken screen before applying the Liquid Glass Screen Protector.

7Will the Liquid Glass coating affect the manufacturer's warranty?

No, the Liquid Glass Screen Protector will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

8How do I apply the Liquid Glass coating to my device?

Please follow the in-pack instructions or watch the application video for guidance on product application.

9How many devices can one pack coat?

Each pack is designed to coat one device only – you can only register one device per pack.


1Do I have to use the Asfalis App to register my device?

Yes, you must use the Registration App to test and register your device.

2Does it make the device shatterproof and scratch-proof?

The Liquid Glass Screen Protector has been designed to increase the level of shatter and scratch resistance of mobile devices under normal use and conditions. It is important to remember that your device screen is still made of glass and if you apply excessive blunt force to any glass surface, it will suffer damage.

3What is covered by the Warranty?

If your device screen breaks within 12 months of the date you purchased your Liquid Glass Screen Protector and you have correctly applied the product and registered that device through the Registration App, then we will pay a contribution towards your replacement screen up to the value stated on your warranty.

4What is not covered by the Warranty?

This limited warranty does not cover screen breakage resulting from catastrophic damage that renders the Device inoperable, including but not limited to liquid damage and destruction of the Device. This limited warranty does not cover screen damage that may have resulted from normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse of the Device. This limited warranty does not cover scratches on your Device screen. This limited warranty does not cover damage to your Device screen if the Product has not been properly installed on your Device. Your Device must have the Product installed and in place at the time the Device screen was damaged and when the Device is sent for inspection or when taken to the repair centre of your choice to be repaired. Company will not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages arising from the use of the Product.

5When will my coverage begin?

Your limited warranty must have been registered at within thirty (30) days of the Liquid Glass Product purchase date as set forth on your Product purchase receipt and failure to do so will void the limited warranty. No claim under the limited warranty will be accepted within (30) days of the date of registration. This limited warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser and registered Device.

6How long does the coverage last?

Your limited warranty coverage starts on the date you purchased the Liquid Glass Screen Protector and is valid for 12 months from that date assuming that has been registered within 30 days of that purchase date.

7When do I need to register my device?

You must register your device by downloading and installing the Asfalis Registration App available from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

8What information will I need to register my mobile device?

You will need your Warranty Activation PIN included in your product pack and a valid purchase receipt to prove the date of purchase. The registration App will, if given the appropriate permissions, test your device screen and collect all the relevant device information. You will also need to provide your personal contact details to that we can register the warranty to you.

9How do I file a claim?

To submit a claim under this limited warranty, please send an email from your previously registered email address to We will reply by email providing you with a secure link to enable you to quickly and easily submit your claim online. Upon submission of your claim, our customer service team will provide email confirmation and information on your claim status, options, shipment and claim settlement. Please note that reimbursement will be provided only for the parts and labour to repair the Device's damaged screen. Reimbursement will not be provided if additional parts and labour costs are required for other components of the Device.

10Are there restrictions on where I can get my screen repaired?


11Do I have to send my phone off to get it repaired?


12Is scratch repair covered?

The coating significantly reduces the incidence of scratches, but scratch repair is not covered.

13Will I be covered if I drop my phone and the screen breaks?

Repair of the screen will be covered if the screen is broken during non-hazardous or reckless usage (e.g. if it drops from a table and breaks). If the phone is dropped whilst rock climbing or during a DIY misadventure, where it is hit with a hammer it is considered as a reckless activity and breakage cover will not be provided. In addition, the screen will not be replaced on badly damaged phones which are considered as uneconomical to repair due to significant global damage of the phone.