Cleaning Products

Coolmaster® Dry Ice Blasting

Revolutionary Dry Ice Blasting Technology

Cleaning with dry ice enables a new and unprecedented range of applications for modern cleaning technology. Dry ice blasting offers virtually unlimited fields of application.

The Advantages of Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Clean and residue–free: Impact with the surface to be cleaned sublimates the pellets and reverts them directly into gaseous form – for zero moisture or blasting medium residue.
  • Efficient: The dry ice pellets accelerated to supersonic speed generate countless miniature explosions on the surface to be cleaned which detaches undesirable substances from the surface (thermal energy) without damaging it.
  • Safe: Dry ice blasting is non–voltage conducting and is therefore safe for directly cleaning even live components (e.g. switching cabinets, engine components, etc.)
  • Eco–friendly: Dry ice is cleaning without chemical additives. Dry ice is also non–toxic, non–flammable, tasteless, odorless and bacteriologically neutral.

The Product

  • Highly delicate, precision–adjustable and hence extremely gentle blasting operations
  • A very attractive appearance housed in a compact design
  • Low air consumption and a wide range of applications even when used with conventional air compressors
  • Extremely low–noise and low weight (36 kg)
  • Revolutionary technique for very high efficiency and very low ice consumption (< 35 kg/h)
  • User–friendly and intuitive handling

Scope of Delivery

  • Dry ice blasting machine
  • 3 m flexible hose with blasting gun (extendable to max. 9 m)
  • 3 m connecting hose for pressurized air
  • Set of nozzles (1x fl at nozzle, 1x about 3 mm, 1x around 5.5 mm)
  • PPE set (ear protection, safety goggles, etc.)
  • Ice scoop


1. Dry ice container for 6 kg pellets (3mm)
2. Compressed air from 0,5 to max. 10 bar
3. Dosing roller
4. Adjustable grinder

  • Innovative grinding system
  • Dosing and grinding of ice crystals from 0,3 bis 3 mm
  • Homogeneous beam from 0,5 bar to 10 bar.

Selected Areas of Application

  • Gas pumps
  • Surface cleaning
  • Access shafts/manhole pits
  • Tank cleaning
  • Shop and bistro sector
  • Restroom facilities
  • Internal cleaning including ventilation system
  • Engine cleaning
  • Rims and brakes
  • Upholstery and leather cleaning (chewing gum, etc.)
  • Varnishes, oils, filters
  • Vax adhesions
  • Removal of flash rust, plastics
  • Switching cabinets
  • Generators
  • Printing machines
  • Electric motors
  • Welding robots
  • Fans
  • Conveyor belts
  • Soldering machines
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Mold cleaning
  • Containers and batching plants
  • Machine cleaning
  • Separating agent removal
  • Removal of adhesions e.g. bitumen, resins, glues or other substrates
  • Tool cleaning
  • Post–fire restoration
  • Soot removal
  • Mold removal
  • Wood restoration
  • Moss contamination removal
  • Cleaning of the washing facilities and aggregates
  • Photoelectric barriers
  • Control systems
  • Secondary equipment e.g. dosing pumps, hydraulic units, compressors

Outstanding performance for a whole range of new and innovative applications!