Disinfection & Cleaning

MediSeptic® Hand Disinfection

Hygienic Hand Disinfection

Anti-infection spray A50

Ready-to-use, alcohol-free disinfection for hands with skin-friendly ingredients


  • 120 min long-term effect
  • Virucidal, also against the Corona virus
  • Alcohol-free
  • Protects against viruses and bacteria for 2 hours and 99.999% (Log3)
  • DIN EN 1500 certified
  • Skin-friendly
  • No hazardous substance in the sense of the CLP VO
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxid
  • Without surfactants and aldehydes


Apply approx. 3-5ml of undiluted product into hollow hands and rub in. In particular take into account thumbs and¬ fingertips, as they have most frequent contact with contaminated surfaces and objects.

Frequency: Repeat as needed, to renew two hour long-term protection

Application time: 1 minute


Benzalkonium chloride 0,1% Other ingredients: Water, Organic acids, Organic salts, Essential oils, Cationic polymers

Container Sizes

  • 50 ml pump spray
  • 100 ml pump spray
  • 250 ml pump spray, "FlipFlop" or „PushPull“ lid
  • 500 ml pump spray, "FlipFlop" or „PushPull“ lid
  • 1 000 ml pump spray
  • 5 + 10 liter canister
  • IBC Container

Tests & Certifications

Approved and controlled by official experts

German biocide registration no („BAuA“): N-88733 PZN 16678313

Swiss registration no: CHZN6055

US FDA Approval: MediSeptic Antiinfectant, NDC Product Code: 71315-800, date of registration: 01.05.2020

The following tests were carried out with the active ingredient "Polymer1", which is used in Anti-Infection A50, in addition to the safety data sheet:

  • EN 1500 Standard hygienic hand disinfection, rub-in method
  • EN 14476 Viral activity
  • EN 13624 Fungicidal activity
  • EN 13727 Bactericidal activity

FAQ Mediseptic

1What is Mediseptic A50?

Mediseptic A50 is an anti-infectant and disinfectant.

2Where is the difference?

An anti-infectant provides preventive protection. The user cannot be attacked by viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores from the beginning. A disinfectant destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores if the skin has already been infected.

3How does Mediseptic A50 work?

Due to its polymer structure, Mediseptic A50 forms a sem-ipermeable protective layer on the skin. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores cannot penetrate the skin. From the inside out, however, the skin remains breathable and completely unchanged. A second anti-infectious and disinfectant layer adheres to the aforementioned semi-permeable protective layer. It ensures that COVID, influenza or other types of viruses are constantly being destroyed.

4How effective is Mediseptic A50?

Mediseptic A50 protects the user from 99.99999% of viruses for 120 minutes. Lock 3 protection applies, so it is not necessary to wear gloves as a protective measure within 120 minutes after use. The protection remains in place for 120 minutes despite hand washing or creaming.

5What is the difference to alcohol-based disinfectants?

Mediseptic A50 is neither flammable nor explosive and can therefore be sprayed with technical aids such as spray devices. With alcohol-based products this is possible to a very limited extent. Alcohol-based products only offer Lock 3 protection for 2 to 3 minutes. After that any protective effect disappears. Mediseptic A50, on the other hand, still has Log 3 protection for 2 hours after use. This means that the treated skin surface remains protected for 2 hours despite contact with virus-infected objects. In contrast to alcohol-based disinfectants, Mediseptic A50 can come into contact with clothing without any risk, as it does not contain any alcohol or fats. Mediseptic A50 is water-based and not dangerous. Its VOC content is 0%.

Did You Know?

Harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi are found in all areas of public life. 80% of infections are transmitted via the hand. On average, people touch their faces 3,000 times a day! In order to prevent new infections, especially in times of a pandemic, compliance with hygienic standards is critical. The WHO therefore recommends in its latest publication the installation of hand disinfection devices for ongoing prevention.

MediSeptic It thus offers the safest protection against infectious diseases and germs available today. Public protection when gripping bus and train handrails, on toilets, door handles, shopping carts, ATMs, etc.